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[oletrucks] Motor mounts

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Subject: [oletrucks] Motor mounts
From: "Jeff Davis" <jsd51@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1999 16:18:18 PST
Hi All,

     Was looking at motor mounts for changing over my '51 to accomadate a V8 
(350/350 setup). Really like the mounts by "Chassis Engineering" because I 
have the pacer front suspension under the truck and their mounts attach to 
the fraim rail as apposed to the type that look like a piece of pipe 
crossing under the block.Anyone with any experience on this setup? Pointers? 
Do's or Don'ts ?  Also on the subject of the transmission, I recall some 
comments on this subject before but do I need to remove the crossmember 
that's directly below the firewall to install a 350 turbo? I'll be getting a 
  universal crossmember (tranny) from "Chevy Duty" but just by looking it 
appears that the original will be in the way and I don't think removing it 
will cause any structural problems since I'll have the universal one behind 
it and the pacer crossmember in fornt. Any tips with any of this or 
suggestions for a good donor for a swing pedal (brake) setup would be 
greatly appreciated.

Jeff Davis
'51 custom

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