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[oletrucks] AD dealer option deluxe radio?(was Help ID a mystery radio!)

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Subject: [oletrucks] AD dealer option deluxe radio?(was Help ID a mystery radio!)
From: CLLLSLS@aol.com
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 22:12:22 EST
Hi again,

Was there a dealer installed (or factory?) deluxe radio option available in 
AD pickups? Tim Schorn has a similar radio to the one I described in a '50. 
Anyone else have a fancier-than-normal radio in thier AD truck? Please help.

50 & 53 GMC 1/2 tons 

I wrote earlier:

While a friend was cleaning out his garage he found a radio that he thought 
was out of a '53 Chev pickup he owned 20 or so years ago. He gave it to me 
with hopes that I could use it in my '53 GMC because the original radio I 
have is in real bad shape. I set the original GMC radio next to the one he 
gave me for comparison and they're not the same. The cases are shaped 
slightly different, but they're both in generally the same configuration. The 
dial face and knobs are all the same spacing and size, but the mystery radio 
has a real nice chromed pot metal piece that surrounds the knobs and dial and 
says "super deluxe" on it. The pushbuttons and dial are also in a totally 
different configuration than the original radio. The mystery radio doesn't 
say Chevrolet or GM anywhere or give any hint of the manufacturer or make on 
the outside of the radio. The only ID on the thing is a a tag with serial # 
46-R-6370 on it. Could this radio be some sort of deluxe option for a '53 
Chev truck or is it just from some other vehicle altogether? Please let me 
know if you can help. 

50 & 53 GMC 1/2 tons
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