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[oletrucks] engine swapping

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Subject: [oletrucks] engine swapping
From: MLayton324@aol.com
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 10:14:42 EST
i bought a 52 suburban a month or so ago     looking under the hood this past 
weekend noticed that the 6 cylinder had a spin on oil filter which caught my 
upon further inspection i realized that this engine also had an egr valve 
which dates it of course    the suburban had already been fitted,years ago, 
for automatic trans and an open draftshaft  which is what i wanted   the 
radiator has also been moved forward ,etc.,etc.   my question- now if i want 
to go v8,what will have to be changed as far as motor mounting   i think the 
trans will bolt up with no problem   any ideas?
thanks    mike layton

52 suburban
51 3100 deluxe
50 3100
51 3600
37 1 ton
68 c30
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