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[oletrucks] GMC 55-1 grill & hood ornament

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Subject: [oletrucks] GMC 55-1 grill & hood ornament
From: paul goldstein <wurlitzer46@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 14:28:43 -0800 (PST)
Thought I might try some more details on the missing
ornaments for the 55-1 GMC 3/4 ton. Seems this GMC
stuff is scarcer than I thought. Jim Carter says he
has none, anyway. All help would be much appreciated.

I need the large GMC logo that is on the nose bar of
the grill. Seems to be painted pot metal, not chrome.
Mine is broken, but it has the letters "GMC" 3 1/4
inches high, in old style letters with the very
sloping "M". The letters sit above a long 15 3/4 by
3/4 inch bar.
There are six mounting screws, paired as follows:
9 inches apart at top of "G" and "C"
3 inches apart at center of "M"
14 inches apart in bar

I also need the top of the hood trim, but have no idea
what this looks like. Jim Carter said something about
an airplane. Anybody know?


46 Chev
55 GMC 3/4


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