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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Fw: 46 PU
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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 07:14:00 EST

<< 1.     What number AC spark plugs would I use?

If you have the original head it takes the tiny 10mm plugs.  Local parts 
store will have listing.  Don't go by the plugs listed in your shop manual as 
there are much better plugs available now with different numbers.

 > 2.     What size fan belt?

Local parts store will also help here.  Used to be Gates 700, but new belts 
have ridges and grooves so they can charge more and last longer.  See what 
superceeded Gates #700 

 > 3.     Where are the tools and jack stored?
Under the seat.

 > 4.     I put in a double acting fuel pump.  Is the small chamber for the
 > fuel?  The large chamber has 3 outlets.  Does the wipers get hooked up
 > directly to one of the outlets, and what should I do about the other 2?
 > Does the push rod on the pump face upwards or down?
 > >>
Fuel section is up, air down.  Pump arm to see which ports are sucking, which 
are pushing.  Start plumbing vac. at manifold, run pipe to vac inlet, and vac 
boost goes directly to wiper(s).  I think one port is not machined thru.  See 
if it is blind.  It could be a fitsall pump with extra outlet to avoid 
interference with car draft tube or 1952- up car side motor mounts.

I like to answer good questions, but feel everyone should have a shop manual 
and owners manual, so I don't normally bother with repeating material in the 

Bob Adler
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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