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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] new member intro
From: "Norm" <dahorse@jvlnet.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 07:34:20 -0600
> As for truck choice, go with the best example lack of rust and
> wise.  Bob ADler has a good idea, go with the wrecker first.  Personally?
> I would go for the milk truck, that would make a cool parts hauler.

> Miq Millman   miq@teleport.com

Well sir....this is the exact problem I am having to an extent.....all the
trucks are darn near complete almost......most ran when parked over 20 years
ago.......The milk truck is a big one...I guess a 2 ton in todays
world......The wrecker is kinda beat (looks like it had a hard life) and the
wrecker itself looks to be almost homemade?

The majority of the trucks are 1 ton and down.....today I am gonna do a
closer examination of them and see which one I like the best......and then
weigh that against the condition of each and see what I can decide based on
want vs a practical restoration! Maybe I will get out the digital camera and
snap some photos of a few in the collection and post them on my
server....then I can use all of you "experianced dudes" opinions, as well!

I have my choice of trucks...all standard cab trucks are$500......and he
wants $1000 for all the Delux cab trucks! So...I have a strong urge to buy a
standard cab truck.....:-) Besides I think I like the looks of the standard
cab better at this point! This is gonna be difficult.....The Milk truck is
cool, the wrecker would be fun to play with, the flat bed would make a neat
car hauler, etc....My wife will kill me  LOL


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