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Re: [oletrucks] New member intro,

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] New member intro,
From: "Norm" <dahorse@jvlnet.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 08:02:51 -0600
Bob ADler wrote
> Who's your landlord?  He just got Landlord of the century award, and we're
> all moving in.  What state and town?
>  Personally, I would start by buying the wrecker.  Then  the rest will
> neatly into line.  Also, volunteer to become a member of the zoning board.
> It might get your rent reduced later on.
> Welcome to the list.
> Bob ADler

Bob / List.... I am located in central Wisconsin......near a town called
Wisconsin Dells! Ever hear of it?...
Unfourtantly not alot of rust free stuff here.....The Landlord has three
very nice restored examples of these trucks....and has a bit of a fatuation
with dragging everyone he sees home, for the past 20+ years.....along with
anything else he see's that is free, or close to it! He also collects old
His wife is telling him that at his age....60....he should start selling
some of these "gems"...one of the trucks....a 47 I think has a tree growing
through the running board....(they all have been almost unmoved for a long
time)  But he is willing to sell parts off them as well as whole
trucks.....and he isn't unreasonable price wise.....Just lots of people
don't even know the trucks are here...So..he was telling me the other day of
his "sale"....and i decided that after 5 years of looking at these old
trucks.....and because I am a glutton for punishment.....that I should own
one...even if I just get an old one running and drivable enough to putz
around in! Whats amazing is considering the way most of these are stored
(outside).....I think better than half the ones I have looked at a bit
closer, still turnover...he told me yesterday which ones he drove home..shut
off......and haven't moved for 20 years :-) Seemed like a good place to
start at any rate....So..over the course of the next year or so he plans on
liquidating the collection and then who knows....personally I wish he would
get rid of the lumbar and junk and keep the trucks :-)


oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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