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Re: [oletrucks] New member intro,

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] New member intro,
From: "Norm" <dahorse@jvlnet.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 19:46:27 -0600
Grant S wrote
> Hi Norm:

You shouldn't have any trouble
> deciding what you like if you give it some time.
I agree...and I am learning as fast as I can absorb it all :-)

> Restoring old trucks is not a money making proposition.  Neither does it
> tend to endear itself to family members, neighbors or employers.  That
> really leaves only one motivation that makes any sense--love.  If your
> motive is love, then you are free from having to worry about what is rare,
> popular, etc.

This I agree with 100% Sir.
My motivation is this......I have a Ford Bronco (1978)  that I have allowed
to absorb a big hunk of my time...as well as providing my family with lots
of enjoyment!
I am in the middle of rebuilding it from the ground up yet again........:-)

I need another project like I need a hole in the head....but truth be known
I have been living here, and looking at these trucks for 4+ years now! And I
have this desire to repeat a time in my life (14 years of age) when myself
and my grandfather resurected an old..(50?) GMC....was just a quick drag it
out of the field and make it run and drive thing, done more to keep me
amused than anything I think....But it got me started in my gearhead ways
:-) I was very upset when the truck was givin to the local country club for
yard work (where it is still used today) I guess I got kinda attached to it>
So I dunno if it's love, emotional healing, or just lust to have one....but
I can say this....I can't wait to drag one out of that old barn and show my
boys how to save an old truck from destruction....as soon as the Bronco is

My great ,and understanding Wife, has given her permission for the purchase
and undertaking of yet another family hobby! With the condition, that I get
the Bronco done this winter so we can use it next spring! Seems fair ta me!

> And what is there really to love about an obsolete pile of rusty, dirty,
> greasy metal?  The design, perhaps, but you can admire the design from an
> old photograph and save yourself a lot of money and aggravation.  No,
> there's nothing intrinsically lovely about an old truck.  The love arises
> not from the truck, but from what it represents.

Well said sir, and although I am 33 years of age, I find myself blessed with
a love for any older iron....and you explained some of the reasons why very

Again thanks and I have ta tell ya i am more than a bit excited to get this
thing in my garage!


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