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[oletrucks] Transmission Installation

To: Chevy Trucks <oletrucks@autox.team.net>
Subject: [oletrucks] Transmission Installation
From: Robert Gaona <gaonarlt@uswest.net>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 08:54:35 -0800
Good day,
I have a 58 half ton with a 3 on the tree.  I recently acquired a
saginaw 4 speed and associated drive shaft, shift on the floor.
Yesterday I removed the 3 speed tranny and drive shaft and installed the
4 speed.
Before I started I removed the drive shaft, disconnected the clutch
linkage (removed the carter pin and slipped the linkage apart).  The
rest was easy to accomplish.
The installation was fairly simple (recommend a party to 2 to perform,
solo is "fun"), installed the throw out bearing of the clutch fork,
lined up the tranny and all fit well.  Re-assembled the rest of the
drive train, including the clutch linkage.  Before I bolted the tranny I
verified the throw out bearing was still on the clutch for before all
bolts are tightened.
Once out from under the truck, I noticed I had no clutch pedal.  What
did I miss???
Thanks in advance.
58 1/2 ton apache

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