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[oletrucks] gage cluster back ground color??

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Subject: [oletrucks] gage cluster back ground color??
From: "McNulty, Bob" <BMCNULTY@csuchico.edu>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 16:03:35 -0800
I have seen a few gage clusters for sale on the net all of them including
all of the gage clusters I have ever seem in TF trucks have a black
background.  I have a 55 2nd in a basket but the gage cluster background is
It appears to be originally red and  not a repaint or anything.

Did the cameos come with a red background or something.  This is definately
not a cameo but it does have the delux cab chrome and a small rear window.
I'm sure the gage cluster must have been changed...... out but from what??

Any ideas?


Bob in Chico
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