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[oletrucks] Which truck to buy?

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Subject: [oletrucks] Which truck to buy?
From: CLLLSLS@aol.com
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 18:57:55 EST

I wish I was in your situation! I agree with your philosophy of buying the 
rarest or most desirable rig to restore, though alot of other listers don't 
agree. The one thing I don't agree with you about is I would take a deluxe 
cab any day over a standard cab. If you have a choice, definately get a 
deluxe cab! The 5-window cab will always be worth more and they just plain 
look cool. As far as rarity goes, I would start by looking for the really 
rare things like NAPCO 4X4's,  Huckster bed trucks and '53 Hydra-matic GMC's. 
Panels and subs are also rare, if you like that stuff. However, odds are you 
won't find any of that stuff. There are other rare things like windshield 
squirters, spotlights, deluxe horns, fog lights and spot lights, but I 
wouldn't let any of that stuff sway my decision to buy a truck. Instead look 
for full pressure 235's or 261's or buy a GMC with a 248 or 270. Don't buy a 
dipper engine if you can get a full pressure one. Take a 4-spd over a 3-spd 
and so on. As far as years go, '51 stands out because of the turn-down 
handles and vent windows, but this won't make the truck worth any more and it 
might make finding doors alot harder. The '54/55-1 trucks are really neat 
because they have the one piece windshield, neat dash and cool grill which 
make them very desirable. I'm also partial to the GMC's not because they're 
rarer, but because I think they look more truck-like than the Chevies and 
they were built better in more ways than most people think. Happy truck 

Dustin/ Aurora, OR
50 GMC 1/2 ton shorty 5-window
53 GMC 1/2-long 5-window W/Hydra-matic
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