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[oletrucks] Well i bought one!

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Subject: [oletrucks] Well i bought one!
From: "Norm" <dahorse@jvlnet.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 17:22:30 -0600
Well gang! I was at the landlords other farm today looking at what he has
there that may appeal to me.....and I saw my new project.....first time I
layed eyes on it I had to have it! I have no clue what year it is :-) The
title says 51......but it has no filler neck hole and one piece
windows......so I assume the cab has been replaced!

But the body is why I bought it.....it is and always was totally rustfree!
He bought it as someones abandoned project......all in primer.......the
project consits of....some year AD truck, 3/4 ton,3 window, A fresh rebuilt
engine....., a totally rustfree cab, fenders, hood, doors, visor, and a new
wiring harness already installed....frame has been painted, and the running
gear is in place, beyond that I have not looked......I know it will need
glass, seat, and all the small things, but it has about 40 boxes full of
stuff that goes with it!

The only two things that at all bother me about it is this, It has no box,
and it is a 3spd on the tree! Was that a normal combo?...I always thought
the 3/4 tons were floor shifted? I am sure the cab isn't original at
all.....but it seems the tranny and that sorta stuff is.....but maybe not!
Well the project now begins sorta...have to finish my Broco rebuild and then
I will have a heck of a challenge ahead of me....but at least i have acess
to parts and the original trucks to see how it all goes together! Will buy
some repair manules, and start studying this winter!  Ok enough blabbing
from me....am excited :-)


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