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Re: [oletrucks] aftermarket/reproduction parts

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] aftermarket/reproduction parts
From: soundex@eden.com (craig k)
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 22:29:16 -0600
>After spending a somewhat rewarding weekend getting my 51 jimmy mostly
>roadworthy ( new front end and brake job) I am reflecting on the quality of
>parts I received to do the job. Has anyone else encountered the problem of
>parts from faraway countries being less than good quality and not fitting

No, it's not just you; in the world of VW parts (my other hobby), India and
China get you cr*p for pennies on the dollar, but they look/fit/fail like
it.  I do NOT buy Indian brake parts!
China makes brittle, cruddy steel w/ slave labor.
Mexico is hit and miss; I've had no problems with VW parts made there, but
some have.
Much "US" either isn't or might as well not be - parts often 'look good
enough' but final fit is off, usually to save a manufacturing buck.
Bottom line: stuff is made various places, in various qualities. If you are
shopping only for price, you will often get junk. Shop for price AND
quality; ask questions of your supplier (and maybe change if the answers
are "dont know"), think about whether extra $$$ are a safety, looks or
ease-of-assembly issue, and buy wisely.

caretaker of
stephanie's 50 3104 216 5-window deluxe

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