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Re: [oletrucks] aftermarket/reproduction parts

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] aftermarket/reproduction parts
From: MarkNoakes@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 20:32:48 EST
There is a very real problem with counterfeit bolts; we had to swap all of 
the bolts in a very large overhead crane because some of them were found to 
be counterfeit.  There are some suspect markings, but I don't remember which 
was what. . .other than that the problem parts were from Taiwan.

When I get a chance, I'll try to find the descriptors on which bolts are ok 
and which  ones are bad.

Mark Noakes
58/56 Suburban
Knoxville, TN

In a message dated 11/22/99 8:41:16 AM, antonio@innercite.com writes:

<< On the same token, I have been getting "Grade 8" bolts, nuts and washers 
at the
local ACE hardware store. I had one washer fail and went back to the hardware
store and checked the box where the bolts, nuts and washers came in and at the
bottom of the box is the following:
"Packaged in the US with parts made in any of the following countries: Japan,
China, Taiwan and India." Are these bolts really Grade 8?. Are they being 
and confirmed to be Grade 8? I have been using these for my truck and I am
starting to ger scare. What happens if the bolts I used for the motor mounts
fail? or any of the other ones I used while rebuilding the truck, engine and
other truck components?
Is there another source to get real Grade 8 made in the old USA bolts and 
nuts? >>

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