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Subject: [oletrucks] LOW QUALITY FASTENERS
From: CLLLSLS@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 23:16:52 EST

Counterfeit high grade nuts, bolts, and other fasteners are a really big 
problem. Factories try to cut corners to make more profit or they have a 
defective load of fasteners that they try to pass off as quality. There are 
so many fastener factories that it's easy to get away with doing this. It's 
the fastener distributor's job to ensure that the product they are selling is 
quality. They track down defective product and examine it. Then they put out 
bulletins describing how to identify the latest bunch of defective fasteners. 
However, there are always defective fasteners floating around and most of 
them end up in places that have a huge tolerance for the defective product, 
like hardware stores. 

As far as finding "made in the USA" fasteners, it doesn't matter. The best 
quality industrial products come from overseas anyway. Although, you could 
also say that the lowest quality also comes from there. Instead, buy your 
fasteners from a very reputable distributor, like a dedicted nut& bolt store 
that deals in high volume. The only problem is that you often have to buy a 
minimum purchase, like $20. This can be hard to do if all you need is 4 
1/2-13X4" bolts and nuts for your leaf springs. You can also mail order 
fasteners from places like graingers, McMaster-Carr, or ARP and be pretty 
confident you're getting quality stuff. However, the best way to go is to get 
to know someone in industry that works around nuts and bolts. Around my 
house, we throw away anything that isn't grade 8 or stainless. In fact, I can 
only remember keeping grade 5 fasteners around once. I kept a handful of 
grade 5 5/16-18 bolts around for the shear pin in the rototiller on my 
Kubota. Now there's overseas quality- I tried as hard as I could to kill that 
tractor and it took everything I threw at it!  The most important thing is to 
know how to I.D. fastener grades and types. Never go into a nut & bolt store 
if you don't know the lingo. You'll just make their job difficult for a sale 
that they will probably loose money on. Don't go in and ask for " Those 
locknuts with the plastic on one side."  Also, always use the same grade 
fasteners with each other, nuts, bolts, washers, everything must be the same 
grade on an assembly. I know alot about this stuff. Let me know if you have 
any more questions.

50 & 53 GMC 1/2 tons

Antonio wrote,

On the same token, I have been getting "Grade 8" bolts, nuts and washers at 
local ACE hardware store. I had one washer fail and went back to the hardware
store and checked the box where the bolts, nuts and washers came in and at the
bottom of the box is the following:
"Packaged in the US with parts made in any of the following countries: Japan,
China, Taiwan and India." Are these bolts really Grade 8?. Are they being 
and confirmed to be Grade 8? I have been using these for my truck and I am
starting to ger scare. What happens if the bolts I used for the motor mounts
fail? or any of the other ones I used while rebuilding the truck, engine and
other truck components?
Is there another source to get real Grade 8 made in the old USA bolts and 


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