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[oletrucks] Parts for the worthy person who needs them

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Subject: [oletrucks] Parts for the worthy person who needs them
From: SBOHNAK@aol.com
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 23:53:50 EST
Since starting my restoration job turned 350/400, mustang II ifs, mustang 
rear end, I have many parts taken off of my 55-2 3/4.  I also bought a 57 GMC 
1/2 for the frame to place the good body and bed on.  Therefore, I now have 
an array of parts to dispose of.  I do not want to let these go to the junk 
yard.  If someone needs them, lets figure out how to get them to you.

    I have the complete front suspension to both the 3/4 t and 1/2 t.  The 
1/2 has a factory optional wheel bounce reducer in the form of a cylinder 
mounted right behind the backing plate.  Never seen these before, but for 
someone who needs them, I have em.  Also have the 3/4 t rear end complete 
with 8 lug wheels and tires in fairly good shape.  The 1/2 ton has a 10 bolt 
rear end out of what I don't know.  The gearing is around 3:23 or 3:50, 
somewhere around there.

Just ping me and lets get together.  I'm not asking much, just a good home 
for someone who needs this stuff.

Steve B
55 GMC 2nd
Stockton, CA   (50 miles south of Sacramento)
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