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[oletrucks] Manual to Automatic/One drive shaft?

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Subject: [oletrucks] Manual to Automatic/One drive shaft?
From: Banjomike@aol.com
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 00:29:29 EST
Hey everybody,

For those of you interested in this swap, here's what happened over the past 
two weeks.  I finally put the transmission in the trunk of my car and hauled 
it to the mechanic who works on my other cars (but doesn't do transmissions). 
 He didn't know what it was, but had a calendar that showed all the gaskets 
for Chevy trannys.  Turns out my transmission is a 400.  I won't go into my 
"friendly neighborhood Chevy dealer" who could only determine anything if you 
knew the year and model of the car or truck it came out of (including any 
type of bolts) or AAMCO.  These people (in my particular location) were less 
than useful.

When I bought the transmission, I also bought a Jennie shift kit, flex plate 
and torque convertor, all for a 350.  The flexplate is OK, and maybe the 
torque convertor would have worked, but I didn't want to take it apart again, 
so I bought a new converter.  The shifter, of course had to be modified.  My 
brother, ace engineer that he is, modified the brackets and it works perfect. 
 For those of you who want to modify your Jennie 350 shifter so it works on a 
400, I will put up some instructional pictures.  Got the torque converter in, 
removed the mufflers, rented a transmission jack and we popped it in.

Remaining problems are now the mufflers have to be modified to accomdate the 
new support bar,  and in Park, the shifter is already hitting the seat.  I'm 
also looking into putting in one drive shaft instead of the two that were in 
there before.  Has anybody done this?  Any problems? 

'55 1/2 ton second series
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