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Subject: [oletrucks] introduction
From: "David Byrd" <db527@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 22:53:19 CST
Hello Everyone
     My name is David.  I've been on this list for a while now but I haven't 
introduced myself.  I've always been a fan of old Chevy's but haven't had 
the time or money to get one.  Well, today I found 2 '54 pickups for $700 so 
I decided to get them.  One has the orig. 235 but neither trucks run.  After 
reading the discusions about the 350 vs 305 on the list not long ago I 
decided to go with the 350/350 combo(I'd apreciate any sugestions).  I'm 
looking to build an everyday driver that's durable and fast, not a weekend 
hot rod.  I'm a 20 yr old college student so I'm on a limited 
budget(sugestions would be greatly apreciated in this area as well).  I've 
had a couple of fixer-uppers before but none at this level so expect me to 
ask a lot of questions.  I have a couple of family mechanics to help as 
well.  If ya'll have any suggestions whatsoever, please feel free to speak 
up.  I'd like any help that I can get.  I do have one question.  The IFS 
packages that I've seen run above my price range.  Is it advisable to just 
go ahead and keep the straight-axle front end with the 350?  If so do any 
modifications need to be made?  If I should go with the IFS, where should I 
look and what is the most durable type for a budget project?

2 '54 chevy 5 window

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