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[oletrucks] What year is it 41-46 ?

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Subject: [oletrucks] What year is it 41-46 ?
From: "Ole Trucks" <hollisbsa@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 09:54:04 EDT
I have had my truck for 3 months now and still do not know what year it is.  
The Nebraska title shows it as a 1946.  This title has it's serial number as 
BD 784876.  The only other thing the NE title has is the Model of a CK.  I 
know this is not the correct VIN format.

However when I check the cowl tag it has this same number stamped into the 
VIN tag.  The VIN tag is in the correct position, at lease the same position 
that I have seen 5 other in this series.  On the passenger side not in the 
first set of holes but down from that location.  As best I can tell the VIN 
tag is from chevrolet, but the rest of the tag is very hard to make anything 
out.  As far as the format of the tag it looks original to me - ie the same 
as the ones I have seen in the junk yard.

More clues:
Why it could be a 41/42

The hood/cowl material is a wire wrapped in cloth

Why it could be a 42 (black out)

This truck was left in a barn (10-15 years) and chickens craped all over it. 
  I was told this "chemical reaction" took all of the surface paint off the 
truck.  Also there is NO stainless left.  Could the stainless have been 
removed from the same chemical process?  Where I think the chrome/stainless 
should be is the center windshield, the 6 side hood strips, the outside door 
bezels and the two head light bezels.  These parts are all now just rust 

In the glove box were a few handles that were hard plastic wrapped not the 
chrome ones, and the driver door handel is the hard plastic.  This is a dark 
tan (rose) color.  However, most of the handles now are chrome (with major 
pitting).  I know that these are easily replaced so this is just one of the 
many clues.

Why is could be a 46
The master cylinder is without a break light switch - it is the mechanical 
on on the firewall and it was wired into what looks to be the original 
wiring set.  All of the wires are steel not copper.

One of the rear fenders has a support bracket and it looks like the other 
was removed.

The front bumper is chrome as well as the oval brace bolts.

Well it sure is a mixed up mess.  Any take a look at or here where to go for 
more information would be appreciated.  I was wondering if right after the 
war they picked up whatever they had and put some of these together.  Or 
could this be a war model truck for US use like a 43-45?  Would that explain 
the weird VIN number.  If needed I can look for the other stamped numbers on 
the truck if it would help any of you to zero in on the year.  Again thanks 
a lot to the whole list!

Jim House
194something 1/2 ton Chevy

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