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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Homemade Blasting Cabinets...icemakers
From: "G. Simmons" <gls@4link.net>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 13:06:08 -0700
>   Plywood wouldn't be hard to work with, neither would cardboard. .... As
long as you don't direct the sand right at the
>cardboard point-blank at close range, it could last for years, as long as
>doesn't get wet.

My first blasting cabinet was made out of a big cardboard box and packing
tape, and it worked pretty well.  I even thought about manufacturing
disposable cardboard blast cabinets, designed to get you through a project
and then be thrown away.

The problem was not the cardboard--the sand just bounces off, it would last
for years.  The problem is that the joints leak, especially around the arm
holes and air tube.  As you move your arms, the cardboard gets bent and sand
starts leaking.  I thought about making some reinforcements and figuring out
ways to seal the window better, etc, but then I broke down and bought one
from Harbor Freight.

The disposable idea still might be interesting, especially for doing a few
larger parts.  Most of the time you don't need something that big cluttering
up your shop, so a disposable cabinet for one project might make sense.


Grant S.

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