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[oletrucks] Hood Ornament

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Subject: [oletrucks] Hood Ornament
From: MKlepp4335@cs.com
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 19:40:39 EDT
  Help me identify the hood ornament on my '48.  I understand it is a factory 
(dealer) option, about 18" long with five mounting bolts.  On the underside 
is the number 3847700 and Made in the USA.  Is this a Chevy piece?  
  See it at http://chevytrucks.org/users/wayne/ .  Are the Repos made 
overseas?  I am removing mine to get the clean look on the hood.  Is anyone 
interested in this piece?
Mike Klepp
'48 3100
Wichita Falls, TX
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