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RE: [oletrucks] Project Update

To: "'Deve Krehbiel'" <dkrehbiel@kscable.com>
Subject: RE: [oletrucks] Project Update
From: Bill Simmeth <bill@merchantsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 10:24:44 -0400

What are the specs on the compressor you are using and how is it holding
up to the amount of work it's seeing?  Very impressed with your results
and progress!

Bill Simmeth
57 3200

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        Subject:        [oletrucks] Project Update

        I just spent the last approx 2 weeks re-sandblasting and have
now finished
        four fenders, inside fenders, running boards, doors, hood
halves, seat
        frame, grill pan, radiator mount, bumper skirt, and a few other
misc items.
        I used a cheapie Craftsman siphon sandblaster. To do the job
right, it took
        on average about 4 hours per piece. This may seem like a long
time, but the
        results are really amazing. I paid $650 for the dry strip that
        unacceptable, and doing it myself cost approx $150 in sand and
        nozzles. An investment in time really pays off.

        Today, I used Sherwin Williams 980 etching primer/filler (and
        gloves when touching the cleaned bare metal) and primed all the
parts. Now,
        I can take my time and assess all the small damage that needs
repaired. I
        have door bottom sheet metal to replace, various dents to fix,
and some spot
        welding to do. Good news is, the primer will protect the metal
until I get
        around to repairing everything at which time, epoxy primer and
top coat can
        be applied. I took a chance and went to a Tool Show in Newton,
KS at the
        National Guard Armory (cheapie tools) and purchased a Touch-Up
Spray Gun (8
        oz. can I think) for $14.95. I know you get what you pay for,
but I was very
        impressed! It works as advertised and really did a fine job. I
dunno how
        well it would do on top coats, but on primer it works amazingly

        Next step is to sandblast the cab. As explained above, this will
        considerable time, but I am positive I can complete it in a
week. I will
        sandblast inside and out very thoroughly. My dad (who finally
came back to
        Kansas after spending the winter in south TX) made me a Cab
Cart. This is
        really nice! It has 2 wheels that pivot and 2 stationary. The
wheels are
        large and the stationary ones are inflatable. Its footprint is
the size of
        the cab so it takes no more room than the cab, and its platform
is built
        perfectly to accomodate the cab mounting holes. Of course the
        platform is raised and set up to protect the floor of the cab.
To top that
        off, he made a hitch so I can pull the cab cart around with my
Lawn Tractor!
        Now, when I sandblast the cab in our lot next to the shop, I
dont have to
        have help moving it out to the sandblast site.

        I have another roll of film and I will scan them soon and get
them up on the
        site. Stay tuned for further developments. As always, thanks to
everyone for
        all the advice and help I seem to constantly need!

        50 3100
        49 3600

        oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941
and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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