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[oletrucks] Re: Side Mount Spare Tire

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Subject: [oletrucks] Re: Side Mount Spare Tire
From: Dave Quirt <quirt@sk.sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 23:06:36 -0600

Note that my Canadian 1/2-ton is definitely a '52. My father-in-law's
1-ton is definitely a '53. As I said earlier, both have it on the right
and my 1/2-ton does NOT have a fender indent. [Of course, the 1-ton
doesn't either.] Now, is this just another detail difference in the
Canadian trucks or has something been going on sometime during the last
50 years!!!

Dave Q.

> From Tom Poterack:
> Well the results of my Right or Left query are in:<
> It seems that starting with the '53 model the spare was definitely on the 
>left with an indented fender except for one report on a Canadian version, and 
>also on a 3800. Prior to that it looks like at least with the 3/4 ton 3600 
>model factory version it was on the right.  The 3/4 ton has enough space 
>between the cab and rear fender to mount it on either side without an indented 
>fender. It doesn't look like the 1/2 ton 3100 had a factory installed side 
>mounted spare in 1949-52. The problem is that the aftermarket side mount 
>bracket fits right or left.   So I guess it is just a matter of personal 

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