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[oletrucks] Re: Side Mount Spare Tire

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Subject: [oletrucks] Re: Side Mount Spare Tire
From: Dave Quirt <quirt@sk.sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 23:17:50 -0600

Makes sense. My truck has its original drivetrain, but it was someones
daily/weekly driver up until the early '90s, so it could have had the
carrier installed anytime from its '52 production date up to the last
paint job (brushed!!) sometime in the late '80s. I love these bits of
trivia, so if anyone knows for sure whether my Canadian '52 1/2-ton
carrier is an add-on or not, let's hear from you!!! Not that it matters,
as I find it quite handy.

Dave Q.

> From Jeff Nelson:
> Purely a guess, but I could see owners of 53 and earlier trucks asking their 
>dealers to install a side mount spare tire carrier (which the dealer certainly 
>could have ordered from the factory) after the option first became available. 
>I could also see the owners requesting that the carrier be installed on the 
>passenger side for safety reasons. If you are going to be removing a spare 
>from one of these carriers, it would certainly be safer to be working on the 
>off road side.<

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