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Re: [oletrucks] Show Quality Questions

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Show Quality Questions
From: Lewis Osborn <losborn@teleport.com>
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 09:24:52 -0700
Every so often I get a better appreciation for the way the fellow felt.
It's amazing how many people are too young to have experienced the 60s-70s.
It's enough to make a guy feel old! <sigh>

OTOH, there are some younger folks out there who seem to be determined to stay
young forever.  There obviously in their mid-20's, but they're still on their
skateboards and bicycles.  Go figure! :)

Lewis - K7LVO - Medford, OR - Valley of the Rogue

Saturday, April 22, 2000, 7:38:52 AM, Wayne wrote:

> I used to go to local car shows but found that the judging can be very very
> skewed, to the point that I don't really go any more. I was gassing up
> recently and an older gentlemen came up and started talking about the old
> chevy truck he used to have---of course it was just like mine... We had a 
> good 30 minute conversation about the trucks, he made me feel so good and
> proud to own my truck as he viewed it for what it was--not the fact that i
> haven't spend 20k on it but just the fact that I owned it and valued it for
> what it was. He was amazed at all the shiny chrome on the engine and was
> just in awe. Should've seen his face when I told him to crawl in and fire
> it up, I could just see the memories flying through his head... This to me
> was and will always be, worth more than any trophy I could get at a
> show.... Wayne

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