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[oletrucks] Thanks For 350 Buick vs Chevy Input

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Subject: [oletrucks] Thanks For 350 Buick vs Chevy Input
From: "J Phipps" <phippsj@camalott.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 21:30:03 -0700
  I want to thank all who answered my questions about the engine swap.  Once
again, I think ya'll saved me from making another goof.  After reading all
the good advice, I think I'll stick to the popular concensus to stick with
Chevy, and try to find a whole car or truck.  The rams horn exhaust manifold
on the 283 in it now barely clear the steering gear, so the wider Buick
would create a whole new mess of problems.  I think I'll take Wally and the
rests advice and keep looking.  Thanks to all, and especially Rick Petit who
even offered an engine!  If I didn't live in west Texas, I'd sure try to
take him up on his offer.  Again, thanks to everyone.  This group is

Jim Phipps,
57 3600, Abilene Texas

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