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[oletrucks] tips on window channel 59

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Subject: [oletrucks] tips on window channel 59
From: "David" <mytruck@hehe.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 22:55:34 -0600
If anyone gets caught with those window channels without the original
clips, I found a method that seems to work.  The old channel had clips that
retained the channel when the window moved but the repros did not.  I
finally tried pulling off the old clips(which were "tabbed" on the old one)
and jb welding them to the new channel.  The jb weld seems to have soaked
through the felt and holds really well.  That was about the only way I
could figure out to hold the thing on without disturbing the felt or
channel.  Maybe others have found better ways, but I was impressed with the
strength so I thought I would share that tidbit.

Hope it helps.

Tex Carr
59 short step

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