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[oletrucks] problem w/ my'52 Chevy

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Subject: [oletrucks] problem w/ my'52 Chevy
From: Pee-Wee <Pee.Wee@gte.net>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 16:21:33 -0700
Hello List Members,
I have a friend that needs help on his 1952 Chevy pickup. I really don't
know that much about the AD trucks, so I thought I'd ask the experts out
there. This is what he wrote me...

"Howdy Pee-Wee,
    I have hit another major problem with my'52 Chevy truck. I can't
find anyone that makes the lower door hinge pillar replacement for
anything older than a '55 second series. Mine is completely gone. The
part I'm talkin' about is the part the door hinge bolts to on the 
cab. Can you wave your wand and bail me out again?"
                                        Any help is appreciated,
                                        Randy LELLANDR@aol.com
You can reply to Randy at LELLANDR@aol.com or ping me off the list and
I'll forward it to him. 
                           Thanks for the help in advance,
58/59 GMC 3/4 ton 270 inline 6-cyl stepside
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