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[oletrucks] Good TF day at Carlisle Friday...new keychains, literature,

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Subject: [oletrucks] Good TF day at Carlisle Friday...new keychains, literature, hotwheels...
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 19:19:03 EDT
  Found some neat stuff, as usual. There's some new keychains out, with 
little Hotwheels-sized '55 TF trucks on them, friction-powered, for $1. 
that's right, only a buck, and came in red, blue, black, cream, green, and 
yellow. Made in China ( where else? ), I'll bet you can find these at Sheetz 
gas stations or similar ones, where they sell alot of "stuff" . I bought 4 of 
them myself, and saw them elsewhere at other booths. They're pretty detailed, 
actually, have black plastic beds with simulated wood and even the bolt 
heads!!! Wide rear Panavision window, stepside bed, appears to be metal 
bodies. I'm impressed with them, even the hood ornament and side fender trim 
are painted on in miniature detail! It's definitelly a $1 well spent, in my 
opinion, even the Hotwheels trucks aren't this detailed!
     I found several of the older maroon '56 Flashsider Hotwheels TF trucks 
at a dealer booth, he was anxious to sell out, so everything was a buck, so I 
bought 5 of them, and some Limited edition Johnny Lightning trucks similar to 
an El Camino with surf boards on back, I'd never seen them before. 
    Working back and forth, I found several tri-CHevy car books, and a '55 
Truck 2-speed rear axle manual, got them pretty cheap. Lots of nice TF trucks 
in the paddock area, there was a late-model truck with '57 chevy car side 
trim, selling restored Coke machines, it looked great, took a picture of 
that. I was beat by the end of the day, had to haul some Gremlin front 
spindles the entire front row length, whew! But it was a wonderful day, the 
sun came out, and it was nice and cool. Hope any of you who go have such a 
good day! Well, back to resting, it took alot out of me. I really need to get 
in better shape for this! Au Revoir, folks!

Jerry Casper
woodbridge, VA
tired but happy Chevy truck owner...
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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