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Re: [oletrucks] Rear window

To: EEHodges@aol.com
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Rear window
From: "Alan D. Gingles" <agingles@nucleus.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 21:43:16 -0600
I guess each individual has their own technique to installing these gaskets.
After destroying my first gasket trying to install the window myself, I took my
'48 in to a glass shop to have the rear glass installed. They installed the
gasket on the glass, then they installed the retaining strip, then mounted the
whole unit in the cab. They have a plastic stick that is very similar to a
popsicle stick, rounded on one end and a flat chisel end on the other.

Alan Gingles
1948 Chevy 1314

EEHodges@aol.com wrote:

> I used one of the tools SOME - it worked OK on some sections of the rear
> window seal but not so good in corners... The best tool I had was some
> pop-sicle sticks. The wood is rounded on the ends and soft enough to break
> before damaging the seal. They worked well both inside and outside for
> seating the glass in the seal.
> There's another trick - on the windshield the glass goes in the seal then the
> glass/seal assembly goes into the cab. The back is opposite. The seal goes in
> the cab, then the glass goes in the seal, then the retaining strip. Use LOTS
> of lubricant. I used one of the "personal lubricants" (K-Y) - doesn't dry too
> fast and washes off easily. Definately a two person job but not too tough.
> Good luck,
> EEHodges@aol.com
> Emory Hodges
> 48 Chevy 3/4 ton "Rack"
> In a message dated 4/29/2000 11:08:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> sub53@ns1.nantucket.net writes:
> << Truckers,
>  Do I have to buy the window seal tool to install my back window? This is
>  the seal with the little additional
>  strip that goess into a groove in the seal. I've taken them out before but
>  never put a new one back in.
>  How do you guys do it?
>  1953 GMC 1/2 ton
>  Also, anybody got a rear bumper and brackets for sale that will fit my
>  truck. I would like a painted or
>  SS bumper as they they did't use chrome in 1953. (Korean War?)
>  Thanks,
>  Bob
>  Bob Day
>  Picking with EElgrass
>  oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959
>   >>
> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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