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[oletrucks] 58 GMC 3/4 ton fleetside

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Subject: [oletrucks] 58 GMC 3/4 ton fleetside
From: larry jones <lajones@uswest.net>
Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 20:10:18 -0600
Does anyone out there have any idea of what the actual weight (unloaded)
of a 58 GMC 3/4 ton fleetside with a V8 would be? The manual says it has
a 6,900 lb gross vehicle weight. If it is a 3/4 ton, and I subtract its
capacity (1,500 lbs?) that leaves 5,400 lbs which seems a bit high. I'm
planning to go get this truck and am not sure how big of a trailer and
towing vehicle I will need. My 57 1/2 ton stocker with a six weighed
somewhere around 3,600 lbs I think. If anyone has had experience with
this size truck, please let me know. Thanks.

Larry Jones

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