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RE: [oletrucks] 58 GMC 3/4 ton fleetside

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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] 58 GMC 3/4 ton fleetside
From: "Kevin D. Pennell" <oletwuk@fastrus.com>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 08:37:58 -0400
> Does anyone out there have any idea of what the actual weight (unloaded)
>  of a 58 GMC 3/4 ton fleetside with a V8 would be?>>>

The ballpark will be in the vicinity of 5000 plus or minus a few hundred.
No kidding.  My '59 1-Ton NAPCO weighed in around 5500.  Plan heavy and play
it safe!

Kevin P.
'59 Apache 38/NAPCO
Courtland, VA.

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