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RE: [oletrucks] High speed rear end

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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] High speed rear end
From: "Kevin D. Pennell" <oletwuk@fastrus.com>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 22:35:49 -0400
Hi Folks,

I've got to add that the Ring and Pinion gear sets Smokey is referring to
are "NOT" the same one's available all over for the 1/2 ton's.  You half-ton
owners have several choices reaching way down into the low 3's, and for you,
3:90 or 4:10's are just way tall.  We've been stuck living with 4:56 or 5:14
sets without any options for years, and those ratio's are something we could
only dream of until now.

We've been working with Art Houser for a long time to get these special gear
sets made.  These 3:90's and 4:10's are custom made to fit our 3/4 (3600)
and 1-Ton (3800) original axle housings and they WILL "NOT" fit in a 1/2 ton
(3100) axle!  They are a "Godsend" to us 3/4 and 1-Ton owners, and will
allow us to play with the half ton's (a little), and even drive on the
interstate!!!!  I can't imagine that, but I sure am looking forward to it!

  Smokey, see what you actually have in those 3600's...  Probably 4:56's.

We can NOW Drive "55"!!!

Kevin P.
'59 Apache 38/NAPCO
(5:14 gear sets, soon to be 3:90----Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-E-E-E-E-E-S-S-S-S-S!!!!!!:-)
The NAPCO Owners Group, http://www.stovebolt.com/napco

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>Most people try to get away from the 3:90 and 4:10 that comes in the 56's.<

Wow, and I thought I was going to get a real boost for the RPMs.  If my '56
has a 3:90 already, I would be throwing money away to buy another one.
Thanks for the heads up!

Smokey Culver
'50 3600 5-window (mine)
'56 3600 (hers)
League City, Texas

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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