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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] engine opinions
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Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 02:58:17 EDT
In a message dated 5/5/00 7:18:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
MarkNoakes@aol.com writes:

> In a message dated 05/05/2000 3:26:45 PM, justin_hartman@hotmail.com writes:
>  << I have my choice between a tpi 350 or a smallblock 400.  I know I can 
>  about 450 hp with the 400.  I want an engine that is about 20% driver 80% 
>  fun.  Does anyone have an idea of about how much hp a tpi 350 would make 
>  with a decent amount of modification.  I'm sure it would do a lot better 
>  gas mileage.  The question is, is the tradeoff of cubic inches and old 
>  technology worth newer technology and probably less power.
>  Thanks
>  Justin
>  55 2nd rod
>  OKC, OK >>

  As mentioned before, the cost to upgrade a TPI 350...is very 
expensive..you're limited to about 300 real good efficient HP max, with the 
stock intake runners,plenum and lower intake (manifold).  The TPI's long, 
narrow runner are good to breath life to about 4800-5000rpms max, no matter 
waht you do, you can still make HP, but not efficiently, so....you're looking 
at about 550-600 for the best set of runners (AS&M), another 375 for an 
edlebrock lower intake, or TPIS ported one, and most liek another plenum 
setup too.....but now if you're trying to push it to 450HP....you're probably 
going to have to get new injectors, may get by with 24/lb-hr F*%d's for 
200.00, otherwise the price is steep...now add 300 for a custom eprom, and 
you've got a lot invested before you even begin to bolt it together.  Now 
you'll see you spent all that money for basically a ECM, wiring harness and 

  With that said, use the stock TPI for what it's designed for....get the TPI 
and a 3.75inch crank, stroke it, take all the $$ you saved on the upgrades 
you'd havee needed to do to really enjoy it...and stroke the 350....

  BTW, that's my plan, I've an older 4bolt block and a '87 TPI setup, but I'm 
going very, very mild with cam, maybe 8.25-8.5 CR, and the TPI, should be a 
very good "truck" motor that'll give them 5.-slows and run off the line:)

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