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[oletrucks] Harbor Freight - Shop Around...

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Subject: [oletrucks] Harbor Freight - Shop Around...
From: "Jack Halton" <safesix@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 18:44:01 -0400
I finally decided to spring for a parts washer. I went to Harbor freight's
web site and opted for the "Heavy Duty" model at $139. A few days after
placing the online order, I picked the April "Hot Rod" issue at a friend's
shop and noticed Harbor's print ad. The exact same parts washer was marked
down to $99, price good till Oct 2000! Well, Ma didn't raise any chumps so I
fired off an E-mail to the HF customer service. After a round of E-mails
about where did I see the ad, page number etc, they notified me today that
they would adjust the price by $40.

I checked the Hot Rod ad against HF's latest catalog and found the same
situation on several other items. Kinda makes me wonder about their pricing.
My next inquiry to HF Customer Service will be why the web site doesn't
reflect their lowest advertised price. If anyone's interested, I'll post
their response.

BTW, what is a good solvent to use in my (still undelivered) parts washer?

Jack Halton
51 GMC 1/2 ton
Winter Park FL

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