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[oletrucks] Another fallen soldier

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Subject: [oletrucks] Another fallen soldier
From: Don Hartman <dhartman@sunvalley.net>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 21:22:24 -0600
Last Friday evening about 8:30, a 100' Cottonwood tree on the adjacent
(vacant) property fell towards my yard, through the post and rail fence,
and killed my '49 Chevy car.  i didn't worry about it over the week-end,
thinking the homeowners' policy would cover.  I had not been following the
other members' post or threads regarding the house fire.  Needless to say,
the policy specifically EXCLUDES motor vehicles.  They'll pay for the
fence, but the car is a total loss, as I have too many to carry individual
policies on all of them.  The tree is cleared, the fence temporarily
mended, and the 'ole girl left the premises today on the back of a wrecker.
 Real sad.  Good driver, complete, no rust, straight, etc.  Gone, from rear
bumper, through the roof towards the front bumber.  Looked like some
new-fangled low-rider.  Oh well.  I was only the 3rd owner of this car,
that only had 70K on it.  Originally purchased in Twin Falls Idaho, then
moved to North-Western Nevada (middle-O-nowhere) and back to Idaho.  Had
all registrations and everything.

IF... anyone has a need for anything from this car, they are welcome to
have it.  Problem is, I don't have time to mess with it much, as I'm
breaking ground on the 30x40 shop, as well as many other projects, and lots
of travel.  I am in south-central Idaho (near Sun Valley) if you're
interested, and the car is in a private yard that I have personal access
to.  I could be conned into getting small things if you're not in too much
a hurry.

Sleep well Angel...

'55 2nd DeLuxe
'59 GMC Burb

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