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[oletrucks] Rear end replacement

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Subject: [oletrucks] Rear end replacement
From: BRUCE ROEDEL <broedel@usa.net>
Date: 18 May 00 07:44:57 PDT

Several months ago i locked up the rear end on my 58 Fleetside. Local scrap
yards want too much for a replacement ($350), rebuilding it isn't cheap either
($200 just for seals and bearings) and I would really like to put bigger
brakes on it. 
I remember reading a thread a few years ago about welding new spring perches
on to a later model car or truck rear end after aligning them to the proper
angle. My neighbor is concerned about distorting the axle housing or the
perches from the welding. I would be concerned about causing the gear oil to
explode using my oxy-acetylene rig. Maybe i should MIG-weld it? Has anyone had
any experience modding a rear end in this manner?

Thanks in advance
Bruce Roedel

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