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[oletrucks] Re:Towing - I lied

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Subject: [oletrucks] Re:Towing - I lied
From: "Terry Beynon" <tbeynon@dsl.telocity.com>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 16:08:36 -0500
We went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to pick up the 'burb. If you recall, I had a
dilemna regarding the transport of said vehicle. The majority of the replies
from the list said - lie, so I did. The suburban fit nicely on U-haul's auto
transport. I did pop for their truck with a Class III hitch so as not to
mess up the trans or hitch on my F#*d Exploder. The guy I bought it from
also has a 55-2 with a 350/350 that he wants $4500 for. He has other parts
which I will get more info on and pass along. I'm getting a 235 complete
with 3 speed trans for $250 so I think his prices are reasonable. If you
want to see the 'burb -
Terry Beynon
'51 Suburban
'55-1 3100
Chicago IL

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