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[oletrucks] AD 12volt conversion

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Subject: [oletrucks] AD 12volt conversion
From: "Durwood B. Darbin" <dhckdkcsk@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 23:02:01 PDT
Hello all,

I have a friend who has a 48 AD that had been converted to 12 volts by the 
PO.  The wiring harness kinda resembles a nest of either a common brown 
mouse or else a kangaroo rat.  His fuel gauge doesn't work and I am trying 
to get it going.  I have scanned the archives and think that I can get it 
working by supplying the 'full side' of the gauge with 6 volts and then 
going to the sending unit to ground.  If that ain't right please let me 
know.  I don't have a wiring schematic.

I do have another question about the 12 volt conversion.  How many reducer 
resistors are needed to run all the 6 volt accessories?  Right now there are 
three reducers installed - one to the heater, another on the firewall that 
feeds ????? and another under the dash that feeds ????.  He has another 
reducer to install for the fuel gauge but I don't think he needs another 
one.  All the reducers are store bought and read 1.5 ohms.  One archive said 
that the reducer should be 30 ohms at 2 watts.  What is right?  How many are 

51 1/2 ton 5 window


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