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[oletrucks] Ki ngpins on a half ton AD

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Subject: [oletrucks] Ki ngpins on a half ton AD
From: bob_keeland@usgs.gov
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 08:13:37 -0500
In one of the (many) books I have it gives a figure for how much play is
acceptable in the kingpins, but it does not say where that distance is
measured.  As the value seems  a little large to me (3/16 inch if memory
serves) I begin to wonder where the measurement is supposed to be taken.
They say grab the wheel and see if it will shift, so does that mean if the
outer part of the wheel moves no more than 3/16 inch you are ok?  I am now
down to spindles and axle only.  How much play is acceptable here?  I
should probably just replace the kingpins and be done with it, but was just

1951 5-window
Arnaudville, LA

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