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[oletrucks] bed resto questions

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Subject: [oletrucks] bed resto questions
From: soundex@eden.com (craig k)
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 22:30:46 -0500
Well, this weekend finally saw the wood get laid in the bed and bolted
down... these weekend projects always seem to stretch in to 4 or 5 for me!
I had a few questions, though:  I don't think my hardware came w/ an
instruction sheet, and if it did, I've lost it in the year since the bolts
and such were delivered; I need to know which of the two under-bed frame
members goes in the front and which one goes towards the rear... one has a
'box' at the ends that sits atop wood blocks if I recall correctly, the
other is just an open U channel.

Second, how many, what size and where did all the wood blocks go? I have a
few pictures, but my sheet i wrote info like that on has vanished :P.   A
few of the original blocks survived, but most are shrumken or broken. Two
were square, but one was long and narrow, with pointed ends, like a chock.
Is this right?
Lastly, should the bed sit level, or slope one direction or the other? When
we got it, our bed had a noticeable 'rake' sloping towards the front -
looked kinda cool! Wasn't sure if it was supposed to be like that for
drainage or if the blocks just got smaller in front.

A web page with all this info would be pretty cool - anyone know a URL for
one, or want to make one?

caretaker of
stephanie's 50 3104 216 5-window deluxe

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