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Subject: [oletrucks] Donor Driveline
From: Paul Blosser <paulb@todays-tech.com>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 00:15:13 -0500
Thanks for the suggestions on the drive line for my 1954 3100.  I talked
with the company in Springfield Missouri (nearest big town) that
re-arched all the springs and they will build a drive line for me at a
reasonable price.  There's only one junkyard locally and I'm sorry to
say I don't have the time to scrounge around like I wish I could. 
Anyway, I should have the measurements done and the driveline back by
next weekend.

I've started bending the brake lines and I've been investigating the
hookups for the emergency brakes.  Did one of you know of someone that
builds custom brake cables?  I ithink this is what I will need to mate
the open driveline rearend to the '54 emergency brake.  

Also, does anybody have any ideas about hooking up a column shift (from
a Chevy van) to a TH 350 automatic transmission?  In the van, there is a
pivot bar that mounts between the frame and the tranny and as the sifter
moves a rod back and forth it causes this rod to pivot which in turn
engages the transmission gears.  One of the car magazines recently had
an article about using a B&M shift cable and adapting this to shift via
a cable.  Any other ideas?  What have you done?


Paul Blosser 
1954 3100
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