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[oletrucks] Accessory installation manual for '57 Trucks...Great item!

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Subject: [oletrucks] Accessory installation manual for '57 Trucks...Great item!
From: GremlinGTs@aol.com
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 22:10:02 EDT
 I know some of you guys have asked about original radio speaker installation 
in the past, and other things, so here's some info on a piece of literature 
you may want to acquire. I have been a member of the Classic Chevy Club Int'l 
in Florida, which covers '55, '56, and '57 Chevy cars and trucks. They, or 
someone, has reproduced the original factory 1957 Accessories Installation 
Reference Manual for the passenger cars and trucks. It covers cars, but there 
is sufficient items for trucks that would make it worthwhile to purchase. 
Here's a list of what's covered for JUST THE TRUCKS ALONE in the index :

Seat Belts (pickup, panel, AND Suburban!!! , with line art drawings )
Wiring junction block
Inside Rear View Mirror w/speaker cover
Seat Cover
Disc, wheel trim ring
Bumper guards (3000-6000 series)
door edge guard
grille guards (3000-6000 , 8000 series )
mud flap (3600-3800 series)
heater and defroster ducts and cables
Vibrator horn
back-up lamp (includes underdash wiring and switch
fog lamps
tail and stop lamps
under-hood lamp
cigarette lighter
outside rear view mirrors
hood ornament (dual 57 only, 3000*-10,000 series ) except 3400, 3500, and 
3700        models
door handle scratch guards/shields
turn signal wiring/assembly (includes Cameo, Suburban, Panel ) AND flatbed 
windshield washer, vac, electric, foot operated
package tray ( pickup cabs only, behind seat)
sun visor
traffic light viewer

    Well, that about covers JUST the truck stuff in the Manual...it covers 
alot, and about stuff I didn't think existed, either! like the underhood 
light. So, you Ole Truckers might want to look into this, if you are 
interested in ungrading your P/U, Sub or Panel with options, it seems to be 
worthwhile. Doesn't really give detailed measurements for drilling, but it is 
rather accurate in displaying where to place them.
Just thought you'd like to know about this book, don't know if any of the 
Repro Truck parts vendors sell this, but I know CCCI in Florida does, or did 
at one time...I bought this years ago. 
    So, if you can find it , grab it. I guess I paid about $15 for it then, 
don't know about now. Just thought I'd give y'all a heads-up on some 
desireable literature you may not know about. Sayonarra!

Jerry CAsper
'55 Suburban
'78 Gremlin GT

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