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[oletrucks] HEY! Need Opinions on my Truck's Value!!!!!!!

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Subject: [oletrucks] HEY! Need Opinions on my Truck's Value!!!!!!!
From: CLLLSLS@aol.com
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 23:55:33 EDT
Hey everyone,

Got very few responses posting this a coupla days ago. Please give me your 
opinion! I'm not asking anyone to tell me my GMC heap is worth a bundle 
because of it's rarity, I know it isn't, I'm just curious what a good asking 
price might be.

As many of you know, my current old truck project is building a turbocharged 
GMC 270 and sticking it in my very stock appearing '48 GMC 3/4 ton. 

I would like to restore, someday, a '53 GMC 1/2-long 5-window W/Hydra-matic I 
also own, but I'm leaning towards selling the '53 and investing the extra 
cash and gained space into my current '48 project.

Another thing that's got me considering this is I'd like to make my '48 a 
NAPCO 4X4. If I could find a NAPCO conversion truck to steal the components 
from, I'd gladly trade my '53.

Well, what I'm really interested in is getting a concensus on what I could 
get for my '53 GMC. And also how it would compare in value with a NAPCO truck 
or even just a complete NAPCO running gear.

My '53 GMC is:

'53 GMC 1/2 ton longbed 5-window, with the 4 speed Hydra-matic automatic.
Supposedly the total '53 GMC Hydra-matic production figures are in the low 
hundreds. Nobody has been able to verify this for certain, but I've only seen 
one other '53 GMC Hydro and I'm buying it to go with this truck for parts.

The truck is totally complete, with the exception of bed and runningboards 
which are going on my '48. It's got all the typical rust, but the cowl area 
is in better than average shape. The body is definately not a selling point 
of this truck. The special hydraulic lifter 228 six and all the transmission 
and linkage is totally there, as well as the special wiring for electric 
choke and pushbutton starter. Missing nothing. It does not run though. The 
truck has not been started since the early '80's. It also has a grill guard 
and one of the very rare factory GMC channel rear bumpers.

The parts truck is a '53 GMC 1/2 ton longbed 5-window Hydra-matic. This truck 
is missing alot, but the transmission, bellhousing and linkage are all there 
as well as the special floor cover plate and clutch hole blank out plate. 
This truck has a 270 in it right now, and I believe it to have come from the 
factory with a 270, but I'm probably not gonna let the engine go with the 
truck. This parts truck doesn't have a title.

There's also a load of "GMC HYDRA-MATIC" hoodside emblems, chrome and painted 
and tons of factory literature that goes with.

More than enough to make an easy restoration for someone who knows what 
they're doing.

Let me know what I might be able to get for the '53 and parts and also what  
complete 47-54  3/4 ton NAPCO running gear might run me. Thanks!

50 & 53 GMC 1/2 tons
48 GMC 3/4 ton
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