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Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 23:46:52 EDT

To figure out where to locate a single axle, go out and measure a wrecker. 
See where the axle is located in relationship to the bed. For locating tandem 
axles, figure where a single axle would go, then locate each axle equidistant 
from where a single axle would have been.

As far as choosing which rear to use, the biggest deciding factor is ratio, 
but in heavy hauling applications, bigger is always better.  The ratio is 
dependant on what size rear you end up getting because what size rear you use 
will dictate what diameter tires you run and so on. For size, I would go with 
atleast a 1 ton rear for the larger diameter ring gear and stouter 
construction. For serious hauling, consider a 2 speed.

As for springs, no. Stock 3/4 ton springs are not gonne be ideal for a car 
hauler, again, take a looksee at a wrecker.

50 & 53 GMC 1/2 tons
48 GMC 3/4 ton


I'm located in Southwestern Indiana. Admittedly the uniqueness is part of 
the appeal of a tandem. I would like to find a yard like you have in your 
area for some good Ideas.That is why I submitted this to this list, 
objective ideas and a wealth of experience. Now for some more questions.

1. Can you or any one else help me figure out the physics of where to set a 
single axel for a 17 foot car hauler.

2. Will the 3/4 ton rearend do the job (possibly with additional springs) or 
will I have to go to a completely different rearend.

3. What about springs, I don't think the 3/4 ton springs will be sufficient."
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