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Re: [oletrucks] alternator vs. generator

To: Blaine & Maggie Dumkee <bmdumkee@auroranet.nt.ca>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] alternator vs. generator
From: advent@thuntek.net
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 19:20:23 -0600
i doscovered it by chance. i replaced my water pump and the bolt pattern
different for the pulley too so i used a ford pulley thats twice as big. once
warmed up the needle in the gauge never moves up when worked as it did before.

Blaine & Maggie Dumkee wrote:

> "My water pump spins at half the factory speed and I get increased cooling.
> "
> I'm not sure why this works? slower pump speed = increased cooling? I'm
> missing something?
> Blaine Dumkee
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> Canada
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