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Re: [oletrucks] Shop suggestions

To: John Rockefeller <dbr@powerweb.net>
Subject: Re: [oletrucks] Shop suggestions
From: ADvent@thuntek.net
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 15:29:17 -0600
i have a friend who has a metal garage. i dont like them, they are cold and
drafty in the winter and are hot as heck in the summer and it never gets
over 90 up here. the garage roll up door does not seal at all. you cant
pull engines from the metal beams. it looks really scarey with 3 or 4 feet
of wet snow on the roof. i'd stick with wood, they look better, anyhoo.

J Forbes wrote:

> Mike--
> Hi, sounds like a fun situation to be in!  Except for how much it will
> cost....
> I'm quite happy with my shop, it cost me about $20k to build in 1993.
> 30x44 x 10 high, wood, 2x6 walls, 5/12 pitched truss roof, 5/8" drywall
> inside, insulated well, 12'x9' door on the "working" south end, 8'x7'
> and 18'x7' doors on the "parking" end.  Small metal fab area walled off
> (for grinder, welder, etc), small office are partitioned, running water,
> swamp cooler.  I live in AZ, and the shop stays warm enough in winter to
> work in without any heating.
> The air compressor is outside the shop, under a roof.  If I had it to do
> over again, I'd put it BEHIND the shop, instead of in front...so it
> would be quieter in the house when the comp. runs at night when I forget
> to shut it off.
> I have had a compressor inside the shop before, and I'll never do it
> again!
> I don't know how good the buildings in Hemmings are.  If you can build a
> smaller shop now that's comfortable, and then later build a big parking
> garage, you might be better off than if you build an uncomfy shop that's
> huge.  Just an idea...others may have a different attitude.
> I figure you need at least a 30x30 just to work on one truck, if you
> plan on doing major disassembly....and want enough room to work
> comfortably.
> Good luck with it!
> Jim F
> 59s in AZ
> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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