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[oletrucks] horn wiring?

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Subject: [oletrucks] horn wiring?
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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 08:19:34 -0400

From: W P. Fricke

O.K., I admit to ignorance on the electrical side of things. Give me a
wrench and I'm fine.

I want to install a horn. It has 2 wires. My truck is 12 volt. It has one
wire poking out of the steering column. I know where the horn relay is. I'm
not sure which of the 3 leads is the horn. One clue maybe the little "H"
scribed on the top (first) lead. Do I simply connect one of the horn wires
to the column wire and the second to the relay and let the mounting of the
horn to the frame or firewall act as ground? To which wire must I attach a
voltage reducer, horn to relay or horn to steering wheel?


'53 thriftmaster, 5-window 235 4-speed

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