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To: "'New Mexico Jim'" <ADvent@thuntek.net>,
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From: New Mexico Jim <ADvent@thuntek.net>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 06:51:08 -0600
I have to agree, it ain't about hate. Its about our mobile society. You can 
the internet for a large portion of it. You can check out any place any time 
an internet connection. I am a native prune picker (Californian) and lived in 
and ruraly there.
Where I live now is being flooded by some really uninformed people from town
wanting to be a "country boy" with chickens and cows and the whole ball of wax.
They want blacktop roads (ugh!) street lamps (double ugh!) Many don't make it 
they discover how much it snows here and it takes then an hour just to dig the
truck out. Many are litter bugs, loud stereo playing late at night and speed
terrably on our dirt roads, kicking up dust and getting my laundry dirty thats 
the clothes line. I understand his comment completetly. America is just too
populated. Its the same where ever you go. I hope we don't loose any members 
this. Another problem with listservers or any typed writings is you can't hear 
tone of voice or see facial expressions which are half of our means of
communication. Two people can say the same thing and the tone of voice changes 
meaning 180. Ok, Im getting off my soap box, I need the wood for something 

Lewis Osborn wrote:

> The main reason Orgonians (and Washingtonians, for that matter) grouse
> about Californians is that they come up here and pay what is to us
> _ridiculous_ amounts of money - and what is to them _peanuts_ - for
> houses, driving our property prices out of (our) sight.  Then, they want
> to build row upon row of cracker-box stuccoed tract houses, broken
> only by strip malls, so they aren't homesick for what they claim they
> wanted to leave when they left California.
> Sunday, August 06, 2000, 7:12:01 PM, G. wrote:
> > From: Barry Heigher <bheigher@yahoo.com>
> >>The last time I read any statistics on Ca, there were
> >>more people moving into the state than were moving
> >>out.  Maybe it is they who should be doing the
> >>complaining. I lived there for about fifteen years and
> >>it was rare to meet a "native" Californian.
> > I'm a native Californian.  I live in my great grandmother's house, which was
> > the only one for miles when it was built in the 1920s, but is now in the
> > middle of Los Angeles (well, San Fernando Valley, for those familiar with
> > LA).  It would be ridiculous for people here to be resentful of newcomers,
> > since nobody has roots more than 100 years back, and besides, it would be
> > like ordering the tide to retreat.  So we go happily along speaking Spanish
> > and eating Thai food.
> I lived in the East Bay (San Francisco) from 73-78.  Not only do I not
> recognize anything much when I go back to visit, I can't wait to
> leave.  I'm a native of Colorado, and I enjoy visiting there, but home
> is where I'm at.  I'd like to be in a smaller, slower paced area (yes,
> even smaller and slower paced than Medford :-)) but being in a high
> tech industry isn't the way to go to do that.
> > In fact, one of these days, after I finish a couple of my trucks, I'm going
> > to move away for a few years just so I can say I lived in more than one
> > place my whole life.  I guess I won't be settling in Bend, Oregon, though.
> > Maybe someplace where it rains....
> Portland?-?-? <G>
> > Regards,
> > Grant S.
> > 54 3100 (mostly all there)
> > 54 3100 (mostly not there)
> > 55 1st 3100 (mostly rust)
> > Los Angeles, CA
> --
> Lewis - K7LVO - Medford - Valley of the Rogue - OR
> The Forty - 1940 Chevy Pickup - One Owner
> http://www.teleport.com/~losborn/1940.html
> oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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