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[oletrucks] Kane County Swap Meet

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Subject: [oletrucks] Kane County Swap Meet
From: Lewis Osborn <losborn@teleport.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 18:38:24 -0700
I made it to the swap meet, but didn't manage to hook up with anybody
from the list.  I did see a SHARP 64 Chev PU that looked, I'm
confident, much better than it did the day it was driven off of the
show room floor.  The couple (man and wife) who had restored it have
done a beautiful job.

I also saw a nice 51 Chev PU.  It had been purchased by the wife's
father in 1955, and been in the family ever since.  It's a driver, but
I'll bet it doesn't see the road on a wet day! <G>  It's very nice,
but has custom wheels and paint, and maybe a couple of other things,
although it has the original engine and drive train.  The "In Memory
OF..." plaque on the dash was a nice touch, one that I will probably

After a weekend on the Chicago area roads, I've noticed less
red-light-running than elsewhere that I've been.  Speeds seem to be
speed limit +10-15.  The biggest difference that I've seen is the, for
lack of a better term, aggressiveness.  The traffic runs in packs,
with _incredibly_ close following distances.  It's very hard to change
lanes without someone letting you in.  The good news is that, contrary
to Portland, where if driver guesses your intentions, he closes the
gap, the drivers here generally open up to let you in.

P.S. - Anybody got any favorite places to eat west of Chicago?  In
case you haven't found it, if you like seafood, Pappadeaux is a very
nice place.

Lewis - K7LVO - Medford, OR - Valley of the Rogue
The Forty - 1940 Chevy Pickup - One Owner

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